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Aman Yihe Hotel Beijing

Just steps from the East Gate of the Aman Yihe Hotel Beijing grounds lies Aman at Summer Palace - the ideal location from which to discover Beijing.Housed in a series of pavilions,some of which date back over a century and were originally used by guests of the Palace awaiting an audience with the Empress Dowager Cixi,the restort is only 15km from the Forbidden City.A serene retreat ,with pea ceful internal courtyards embracing traditional Chinese architecture ,the proerty provides easy access to such cultural landmarks as the Great Wall ,The Temple of Heaven and the hutongs ,as well ad Beijing's restaurants ,art galleries and other contemporary delights .
Aman Summer Palace is located in a series of classical courtyards, just steps away from the famous imperial garden Summer Palace in China. In this beautifully balanced building, there is a quiet and distant temperament everywhere. The Yihe Aman is like a peaceful sanctuary, knocking the door to the dead dynasty of China and reflecting the essence of the elegant beauty of the Ming Dynasty . After the rise and fall of dynasties and the change of regime, Beijing is still one of the greatest cities in the world today, presenting travelers with a unique style that blends old and new China.

The Aman Yihe Hotel Beijing offers the possibility to experience the diversity of the city, and within the walls of the hotel, a feeling of prying into historical romance emerges spontaneously. The hotel has a total of 51 rooms, and all public areas and rooms provide free Wi-Fi access, allowing you to seamlessly connect with modern society even if you are in a classical garden building.

Aman Yihe Hotel Beijing is only a few steps away from the East Palace Gate of the Summer Palace. The gate is generously opened and guarded by two stone lions. Few people can guess that this is a famous resort.

Room details:
Courtyard Guestroom
Area: 39 square meters
Most of the ten courtyard rooms have king-size double beds (double beds) and Ming-style wardrobes. There are also double vanities and separate showers and toilets in the wash area

Area: 66 square meters
The eight suites are equipped with king-size double beds (double beds) and Ming-style furniture, and adopt a two-in-one pattern of bedroom and living room. All suites are equipped with couches, reading chairs and desks. Different suites have different interior layouts and orientations, but the spacious wash areas are equipped with island bathtubs and separate showers and toilets.

Deluxe Suite
Area: 78 m2
The seventeen luxurious suites all adopt Ming-style furniture. Some deluxe suites adopt a layout where the bedroom and living room are combined into one, while others adopt the design of a separate bedroom. All deluxe suites are equipped with super classic canopy beds, couches, reading chairs and desks. The bathroom area of the deluxe suite is very spacious, with double vanity and free-standing island bathtub. Adjacent to the washing area, there is also a special dressing room equipped with two large Ming-style wardrobes.

Brand: Aman Resorts
Drawing its name from the Sanskrit-derived word for ‘peace’, Aman has enjoyed an organic evolution for over three decades to become one of the world’s most intuitive and pioneering resort, hotel, residence and lifestyle brands. Aman's journey, whether experienced in one of its 35 destinations or in the home, has been inspired by a singular and original intent: To provide a level of service and experience that is peerless in every way.
Time with Aman is akin to being welcomed into a gracious private home where only a few guests are received. Aman properties are created holistically and evolve organically, the architecture always true to each destination. Discreet sanctuaries and spaces are sensitive and authentic to geography, design and cultural heritage - every Aman experience gently unfolds with simplicity and elegance providing an immediate sense of belonging.
Aman ushers in serenity. Like a book of untold stories, the Spirit of Aman is intangible. Tales informed and enriched by culture, community, nature – this is a narrative emulated by many, yet delivered by Aman, it is inimitable.

Our staff gracefully share the Spirit of Aman in all that they do. Many of those who make Aman what it is, have been with us since the very beginning, and 35 years on continue to inextricably link us with many of the communities in our destinations. We place our guests at the heart of everything that we do and create environments that transition them seamlessly and instantly from the everyday, into a state of uncomplicated calm.
Aman currently embraces 35 hotels, resorts and residence developments in 20 countries, 15 of which are located close to or within Unesco-protected sites. True to the brand’s pioneering spirit, a further ten projects have been announced to date as part of a robust future pipeline.

Hotel Adress:
No.1 Gongmenqian Street,Haidian District,Beijing,Beijing

Hotel Reservation Telephone:
+8620-86007566 (CouponCode:14653) (Busy or no answer, online booking please!)

Hotel Front Desk Telephone:
008610-59879999,010-62887770 (Catering, conference,sauna,entertainment, Invoice, traffic)

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